Single Use Yoni Steam:
Rose Petals, Lavender, Calendula, Astralagus, Mugwort, Raspberry Leaf

Blood building
After each period your body needs to replenish the blood that was lost. Blood is rich in nutrients and blood building herbs support the body’s ability to create new blood cells. Incidentally, all of these herbs make amazing teas that can support you from the inside out. -Raspberry Leaf

The uterus is a self cleaning organ. Every month it grows a brand new uterine lining and every month it sheds that lining unless you become pregnant. Cleansing herbs support the body’s natural ability to release the old lining so that something new can be build up in it’s place. These herbs are amazing for long cycles with heavy periods and lots of clotting. Limit cleansing herbs if your cycle is already very short (less than 28 days).
-Calendula -Rose

The genitals have their very own microbiome, colonies of friendly bacteria that live symbiotically with us. If these bacteria become unbalanced (likely stemming from an imbalance in your gut) certain herbs have properties that help balance the microbiome. You’ll notice that many of the disinfecting herbs are also common cooking herbs. Consuming them in a dish can help balance the microbiome in the gut as well. Disinfecting herbs also help with issues of excessive or unusual cervical fluid. -Lavender

Decrease Bleeding
These herbs are known as anti-hemorrhagic. Uterine fatigue is not a medical condition, rather a collection of signs that the uterus lacks strength to complete a full, normal cycle. Short cycles, where your period comes too early, frequent spotting and spontaneous bleeding, are all signs of uterine fatigue and can be supported by steaming with anti-hemorragic herbs.

Women in this state are generally very sensitive to stimulation by herbs. If you experience any of the signs of uterine fatigue, I strongly recommend purchasing a pre-formulated herbal blend or working with an herbalist rather than creating your own yoni steam recipe, unless you are an experienced herbalist yourself.

Uterus Strengthening
Women prone to signs of uterine fatigue also benefit from herbs that strengthen the utuers. In Traditional Chinese Medicine these are known as chi tonors. They help to tone and strengthen the chi, or life force of the body.

Sacred Yoni Steam


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